Helpful Tips to Have a Sound Sleep During Pregnancy!

 Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth. As it proceeds, the pregnancy will make it harder for you to do everyday things, most of all not having a proper night’s sleep. But don’t you worry! Here are some useful tips on how to sleep during pregnancy listed below. Go through these tips and enjoy a good night's sleep dreaming about your motherhood!

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1. Prevent Heartburn

First, avoid eating an hour or two before bedtime as this will lead to heartburn during sleep. It’s best to also avoid deep-fried, spicy, or acidic food. If you are facing heartburn, you can sleep on your left side, which will help ease the symptoms.

2. Be Active

We understand that being pregnant is tiring enough, but doing a simple exercise for only 10 to 15 minutes can help you improve your sleep quality. This will also strengthen your muscles and improve blood circulation.

3. Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on your side is another great way to have a good night's sleep. Sleeping on your back can lead to problems like backache, low blood pressure, and shortness of breath. This can also help increase the blood flow toward the baby. You can also bend your knees and place a pillow under and another under your baby bump for support.

4. Stretch Your Calves to Prevent Leg Cramps

Leg cramps during sleep are a common problem that you can prevent by stretching your calves before bedtime. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is also another way to reduce painful leg cramps. You can also ask your obstetrician-gynecologist if they know of stretches to reduce the cramps.

5. Maternity nightwear

Wearing maternity night wear will also help you sleep well. The best maternity night wear is made of stretchable and breathable fabric, providing you with the utmost comfort during sleep during pregnancy. The nightwear also comes with hidden zippers which are easy to feed after the baby is born.

And those were useful tips to help you have a peaceful and comfortable sleep during pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, nightwear is important for a comfy sleep. And so, House of Zelena for mommies offers an extensive range of the best maternity wear, including night dresses, kurtis, western dresses, and more. These maternity clothes are affordable, super stylish, and most of all, very comfortable.

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