3 Best Frozen Party Snacks to stock up in your freezer right now

 Buy delectable, additive-free and ready-to-eat frozen foods online and enjoy their rich and flavourful taste.

New Delhi, India: Frozen food products can be a life-saviour, if you are planning to cook and prepare a lot of food for a gathering or just want to munch on your favourite snacks at home without wasting any time on looking out for easy recipes. You can buy frozen food online that caters to all your easy-to-cook food needs and Handi Frozen food products perfectly meet all these requirements. Handi’s products are 100 percent vegetarian and made with no preservatives, chemicals or food additives. Handi frozen offers a wide range of frozen foods and snacks that comes with best quality packaging and one-day doorstep delivery if you are staying in Delhi/NCR. Buy Handi’s frozen food products online and relish the scrumptious snacks and curry gravies.  


We list down Handi’s best frozen snacks that you can buy easily online.

Veg Spring Roll- Juicy veggies rolled inside thin sheets make Handi’s frozen Veg Spring Roll a food lovers’ delight. They’re crunchy from outside and super juicy and delicious from inside and are perfect for evening tea time snacks or as a starter before lunch or dinner. Head to Handi’s online store and buy frozen Spring Roll online.

Cheese Balls- These cheesy goodness filled balls are so appetizing and tasteful that makes them a perfect party snack and a great snack for kids’. Order them now and enjoy this ready-to-eat snack.

Mix Veg Burger Patty- This veggie-loaded burger patty is a perfect mix of healthy ingredients and awesome taste. Handi’s vegan burger patty is best to satisfy your homemade burger cravings anytime.

Order these delish frozen snacks and enjoy their divine flavour and taste. 

For more information about these frozen food products, please visit Handi’s website. 

 About Handi:

Since decades, Handi-a brand of Jumbo International-has been a pioneer in the field of canned Indian vegetable curries and ready-to-eat frozen snacks. The company also develops and manufactures a range of products, such as veg curries, falafel, veg momos, spring rolls, hara bara kebab etc. for institutional customers such as restaurant chains, hotels, and other corporate customers, apart from manufacturing customised frozen snacks for the HORECA (Food Service) segment. Jumbo International has been honoured with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) award. The Company also takes pride in being awarded the MSME Special Recognition Award 2010 by the then President of India for manufacturing outstanding Quality Products under Category 'Ready to Eat/Instant Mix Food' in 2011.

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