How to Bring Money in to Your life

Everyone can bring in money into their lives. The main thing is to know the subtleties of their raising.

It all starts with knowing the exact amount. How much money do you need to live a happy life? 30,000 per month, 50,000, 300,000 or more? Answer this question. Which amount is more attractive to you? And to which there is no hard resistance? Find a balance.

You can concentrate not on monthly income, but simply on a certain amount, which, for example, is in your bank.

Possession of this amount here and now

Evoke the emotions of owning this amount. You already have your desired monthly income. And it doesn’t matter how the money comes to you. It is important that you feel possession of them, confidence, security, freedom. You feel joy. You are well.
You focus not on need, but on the availability of money in your life, on abundance.

The essence of the possession method is that at first, you feel abundance on the level of emotions, then the process of creation on the materially begins.
It is very important to raise money to feel successful. Do not send hope into the future. And enter into a state as if you are already rich. Today. Right now. Feel it.

For this purpose, watch films about the rich, pay attention to their manners, clothes, behavior ... And then copy it. Like playing a part. You need to get used to this image.
In addition, it is recommended to spend money on yourself beloved, go to expensive shops. At least sometimes afford high-value purchases.

Love money

Once you feel the possession of the desired amount, begin to feel the love of money, it will be more difficult, but your efforts are worth it.
Love is a great power that attracts what you truly love. And money has its own energy and they acutely feel the attitude towards them. They will not come to those who do not accept them consciously or on a subconscious level.

Treat your money with care. Take care of them. Let them be stored in a beautiful box on which you can burn or draw a Fehu symbol, for example.
The same thing with your wallet, keep order there. Put the charmed coin in a secret pocket in it.
To put this into practice, take a coin and light a green candle. And speak it with any money spell.

Let go of the desire

After regular practices of owning money and loving it, switch to another area. How would you step aside from your desire? Forget about him. Do not get attached. It is important. Since while a person is fixated on something, the law of attraction does not work at all. And how to let go of the intention, everything is fulfilled at once.

In practice, you need to do this. At the time of visualization or other practice, you keep focus on the goal, fill it with energy, and do not think about it the rest of the day. If you master this, then attracting money will be easy.

Popular questions:

1. How long does it take to raise money?

It all depends on the desired amount and resistance to it. For someone, it takes 1 month, for another - 3 years. The main thing is to believe and continue the practice of attracting money into your life.

2. What to do if there is resistance?

There are several ways. The first is the conversion of negative attitudes to positive ones. For example, through affirmations.
This is a great way, which is to read positive thoughts compiled by you personally or taken from sources. Doing this is important in the alpha state.

Affirmations work just as well if they are recorded. For this purpose, buy a notebook and write daily 50 affirmations aimed at material well-being.
But first, it’s important for you to find limitations within your subconscious. To do this, write down all the negative thoughts related to the financial sector. And then recode in the right direction.

The second way to deal with resistance is to reduce the amount to attract and thereby reduce the resistance.
The third is the hooponopono method, purification of mental programs using a special formula.

Use it regularly when you catch yourself on the worries and thoughts associated with problems in the field of money, pronounce 4 phrases that will work wonders.

3. Why should I not get better, but worse?

This sometimes happens, but it is temporary. Something like a strength test. Continue training without paying attention to temporary deterioration.

The power of gratitude to raise money

In addition to owning, you need to work with gratitude. And not only for what you already have but also for what you want to create.

It is all about the law of attraction. Concentration on the positive attracts the positive.

Therefore, begin to thank the Higher powers for the money that you have. Do it in the morning.

Managing Thoughts and Words

Thoughts, emotions, and words are transformed into reality. Follow them !!! The timely switch from need and discontent to possession and gratitude.
Remember, we already wrote one of the secrets of attracting money - you feel that they are already in your pockets).
If destructive thought forms appear, erase them and draw creative pictures on the liberating place.

About the author
Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer and traveler who works for CV Service writing articles about anything and everything. She is very curious by nature, reads a lot, and goes to the movies, theatres, and museums. She is more of an introvert but sometimes she feels like talking to the whole world. She practices meditation since recently and yoga, which calms her down and helps to think positive. She believes that a sound mind is truly in a sound body, which is why she is an active person and enjoys new experiences in whatever she comes across.

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