The Ageing Processing and Personality

Sooner or later, people think about growing old. Everyone who claims that they have never been occupied with this issue are either openly cunning, or their time has not yet come to think about the eternal. The human psyche deliberately pushes thoughts of corruption. Personality and aging is a global issue that has occupied scientists in recent years. The thing is that the evolution of humanity leads to a qualitative change in the composition of the population. Only a few decades separate us from the moment when there will be as many people over sixty as younger. Many governments are trying to predict the processes that may arise in this case. And they provide measures to counter the rapid aging of the population of their states.

Growing up of the organism and its transition, ultimately, into the decrepit stage is a broad spectrum of emotional shades, full of life experience, acute disappointment with the results of life's journey and the realization of deep personal loneliness, understanding of the gradual loss of physical attractiveness, change of social status to more vulnerable and useless, a general decrease in the level of adequate perception of reality.

It is good if old age comes to a person in the family circle, and there are children nearby, close people, and friends who not only brighten up awkward moments but also maintain the older adult's self-confidence. The person in the process of aging, in this case, does not experience negative emotions that accelerate the running mechanisms of the degradation of physiological processes.

It is a rhetorical question when insenescence begins to progress. Nowadays, people live at the same time, whose life ends at the age of about seventy years and at the same time are quite lively older adults over 95 years old. What are the causes of long life and rapid aging? A variety of experiments and observations of scientists have long formulated the answers to these questions.

With age, personality preferences change. People acquire the concept of the value of life. And their sphere of interests is transferred to the inner circle of communication. The sensations of time and space also change. Personality and aging are very close and interconnected concepts, judge for yourself:

Older people no longer seek to embrace the immensity - they are closer to the emotions and problems of children, as well as their inner world of desires.

Time becomes tangible since it covers only plans for the near future.

Hard feelings due to their inapplicability to the performance of social duties brings a sense of uselessness.

There are no so many things happening, so each is colored by emotions that capture consciousness for a long time.

Reducing the process of controlling the reactions of one's consciousness leads to the fact that traits that could be masked earlier can come to the fore.

Vascular changes associated with the development of atherosclerosis may occur. This provokes the development of egocentrism, intolerance, decreases the ability to logical thinking and an adequate assessment of circumstances.

Mastering the new becomes impossible, and this gives rise to uncontrolled excitement of a negative nature - aggression or tearfulness, self-pity. One of the features of an older adult can be an active opposition to the new, robust conservatism in assessing attitudes and moral principles.

But everything is not that bad. For many, old age is a time of rest and satisfaction from a spent life. In such cases, there is no fear of death. Old age is perceived as a necessary period of summing up and parting with loved ones, a natural process of care. With the realization of a sinful life, the fear of death is aggravated, the person in the process of aging begins to degrade significantly.

Aging is also a crucial stage of life and development, just like any other period. Everyone grows old individually and goes through it in one`s way. Frequently, human nature remains unchanged throughout life, so you may not even notice significant changes in yourself. However, aging usually affects, for example, the experience of emotions. Some feelings or personality traits, such as shyness or, on the contrary, courage, may become more heightened.

Both aging itself and possible diseases can cause sadness and the feeling as if you are unable to influence somehow on what is happening. Grieving over ill health is entirely natural. Also, usually, aging has lost many loved ones in their lives. The need to share everything within aging can be very significant.

Stress or loneliness affects the emotional life of a person, regardless of age. Temporary or long-term changes in ways to respond are not necessarily related to age. For example, when moving to a new place to live, a young man at first usually feels tired and grows wary. Besides, the emotional sphere of people of different ages is affected by food and certain medications.

The most common change that occurs in old age is blurred vision and impaired hearing. In particular, a weak ear can complicate the understanding of the world and contribute to the emergence of troubling situations. If you feel that your hearing is impaired, you should consult a doctor and undergo the examination.

With age, memory problems increase. Due to unreliable memory, you may feel that things are disappearing, but you do not remember moving them. Memory impairment is a normal part of the aging process. However, if forgetfulness causes problems, you should consult a doctor. Memory disorder, which is about to begin, can sometimes be painful to distinguish from happening within the normal range of memory impairment inherent in aging.

Carefulness increases in old age, and a person may, for example, become more discreet. Usually, new life situations or troubles remembering to contribute to the emergence of uncertainty or fears. Many older people sometimes experience a feeling of insecurity, which may be caused, for example, by loneliness or impaired motor skills.

However, it is possible to overcome many unpleasant moments. If, for example, you feel lonely, you need to find out what services the municipality, parish, or public organizations provide. There are activities for older people organized in many districts. Locomotive abilities can also be improved with the help of various supports and aids.

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Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a current translator and a writer who is working for rewrite essays living in London at the moment. She comes from Phoenix, Arizona. Still, due to constant traveling, she has become an experienced traveler who enjoys it, enjoys exploring the world, meeting new people, and sharing, let alone gaining.

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