Scope of Computer Science Engineers at SGT Private University

Being familiar with the computer and its primary application is a need for every field. Students who have completed their graduation from Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) got several opportunities to enrich their career. These job profiles not only augment their career but also provide tremendous scope to work due to some reasons mentioned below:
  •  New technologies are emerging day by day
  • Technological advancement is dexterous and increasing with high-speed
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been introduced into various application domains
  • New software applications are giving pace to every field, such as financial services, insurance, banking, telecom, energy exploration, and so many others.

In this article, we will not only discuss but also introduce budding engineers to the most desirable career options after completing CSE. in Computer Science

Job Profile for Computer Science & Engineering:

We will consider fresher to 7 years experienced engineers in Category-I

We are taking the experience range of this category start from the first year to 7 years; the lists of job profiles are given below under this category. CSE graduates can start their career in any of these roles in the IT industry and can attain seniority level within seven years. For example, a fresh CSE graduate starts his career as a software developer can target the position of Senior Software Developer and can lead-development or Lead role after seven years. There are some topmost positions in this category that are mentioned below:

·         Data Scientist
·         Cloud Engineer
·         Game Developer
·         Web Developer/Software Developer
·         Mobile Application Developer
·         Full Stack Developer / DevOps Engineer
·         Network Security Engineer
·         Machine Learning Engineer
·         Big Data Engineer

Job Profiles for experienced software experts considered in Category II

We will count those Computer Science Engineers in this category who have earned the experience of 8 to 15 years after completing B.Tech in CSE. This category is decided for those who have achieved the first the footboard of their career. Moreover, to attain this category, one needs to progress his career with aptitude, interest, and capability that can only be achieved through experience. Here is a list of job profiles that are considered as the most sorted roles in the area of emerging technology are listed below:

·         Cyber Security Consultant
·         IT Consultant /Information Security Analyst
·         SCRUM Master / Agile Coach/Agile Project Manager/Digital Project Manager
·         Technical Architect / Data Architect / Solution Architect
·         Business Development Manager
·         Computer Network Architect
·         Computer Network Architect
·         Machine Learning Analyst
·         Business Intelligence Analyst
·         Database Administrator
Computer and Information Research Scientist

Job Profiles for the most proficient Computer Science & Engineering professionals, Senior Category III

Students who have earned experience of more than or up to 15 years are the most senior and expert CS Engineers. They have achieved this position with their consistent hard work and performance. This career progression takes them towards the ladder of success. These job profiles are the most rewarding positions for CSE aspirants:
·         Pre-Sales Head
·         Head – IT Operations
·         Regional Sales Head
·         Delivery Head
·         Strategic Business Unit Head
·         Program Manager
·         Global Sales Head
·         Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
·         Chief Information Officer (CIO)
·         Vice President – Technical

After doing engineering, either it’s in Computer Science, or mechanical engineering students not only get a heap of opportunities but also get a chance to go out of their country to work. We are proud to see our students on their designated footboard. It is not necessary that we only work with the organization, but this course also opens the doors for you to start your own business to help others through your skill.

Whatever students will do, they should put their best efforts to achieve their desired destination. There are well-known software engineers who contributed the world with their knowledge and courage, such as Linus Torvalds, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg Owner of Facebook. He not only created this app but also connect person to person; Facebook has the highest number of users than any other social app. It is a great achievement.
Students who want to do B.Tech CSE are advised first to decide where their passion lies.

SGT University is one of the best private university in Gurgaon for in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. 

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