Psychological Characteristics of Elderly Age

Psychological and physiological changes are closely interrelated. Some psychological characteristics of older people (for example, a negative perception of reality) may be the result of physiological changes in the body.

Specialists distinguish physiological (healthy) aging and premature (associated with disease).

IMPORTANT: During physiological aging, a person remains healthy until s/he is ancient, capable of self-care, and stays active and interested in the world around.

Premature aging begins earlier (by 5, and sometimes ten years) and is a consequence of past diseases, exposure to negative environmental factors.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that even with healthy (physiological) aging, age-related changes occur.

This affects a person’s perception of the world around self-esteem, psycho-emotional state, and behavior.

In pathological forms of aging associated with diseases, dependency, and loss of independence, changes are usually more pronounced.

Aging is manifested in psychological and physiological changes:

· Physical and mental performance may decrease;
· It is more challenging to develop new conditioned reflexes, while the old ones start to wane;
· Movements become less accurate, slow down, and the manner of walking changes.
· The elderly need to spend more time on preparation and to have more control over their actions.

When may the help of specialists (psychotherapists, psychologists, etc.) be needed?

When a feeling of stressed-out is observed for a long time, which affects health.

Negative experiences requiring help can be expressed:

· In an acute knowledge of their uselessness, emptiness;
· Angry responses and irritant reactions to the world (unreasonable aggression against both others and oneself).

The type of person, its characterological peculiarities are crucial for adapting to life in old age.

A favorable option for adaptation is considered to be accepted by the older person of a changed life situation, sufficient communication and daily activity, maintaining interest in life, expanding and improving the environment, and the usual life sphere.

IMPORTANT: noticing age-related changes in your body, understand the naturalness of these processes, and despite the sensations of physical ill-health, be able to find new areas for self-realization, where you can gain unique experience and maintain a sense of need for society.

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