Customer Churn- How to Find and Attract New Customers

The task of creating and developing a clientele, which is necessary for life support and business growth, lies solely with the entrepreneur. The situation when the client oneself finds your business, unfortunately, does not have sufficient relevance, allowing it to reasonably rely on it. In this regard, the entrepreneur must regularly carry out activities to find and attract new customers.

Why a thorough knowledge of your typical client is useful

A successful entrepreneur appreciates and personally knows his regular customers in person. He knows what they are fond of and what they are shunning, what they cannot resist and what they are indifferent to, how they spend their time and when it is best to contact them, when they are located to make purchases and how much they are willing to spend. Based on such knowledge, or using the similar experience of other organizations, a successful entrepreneur can also recognize his potential customers. Systematization of such experience is extremely useful and allows you to achieve a clear idea of ​​how to best meet the needs of your customers, economically exceed their expectations and profitably use their enthusiastic recommendations about your company. In addition, it is not necessary to be a leading expert psychologist in order to successfully classify and characterize in detail your typical clients. It is enough to be a careful observer.

What methods of finding a potential client are affordable for a small entrepreneur?

A fairly large number of consumers active in any industry segment have behavioral signs that can be identified. From this, it is possible to determine (either by deduction or using special services) the most visited places, frequent "routes" and effective time to establish contact with potential customers. While the deduction method is useful in situations where you had the opportunity to observe and analyze the behavior of regular customers familiar to you, special services such as Google Adwords have already done considerable work in identifying and cataloging the behavioral habits of many consumers and have a huge amount of valuable information about your likely customers, based on their geographical location and movements, on their interests and habits, their friends and acquaintances, their past purchases, reviews, information requests, participating in professional or social discussions using open and even secret identification algorithms. The effectiveness of the initial and subsequent contacts with the identified potential customer, in turn, is manifested in how noticeably, interesting and potentially beneficial for the consumer your ad, advertisement or invitation will look. Despite the tremendous work that you have done to identify and find potential customers for your business, you only have a few seconds to convince a person that you deserve more than minimal attention.

What are the ways to attract new and retain old customers affordable for a small entrepreneur?

The most effective way to attract new customers is to have the same company properties that also retain its old customers. The high level of satisfaction of your customers, expressed either in their reviews or indirect recommendations, leaves new customers no room for doubt about the integrity and reliability of statements about the existing advantages of your company.

In addition to the satisfaction disclosed in reviews or through direct recommendations, there are other effective ways to attract consumer interest. They include, for example, the creation of particularly advantageous offers (perhaps even initially at the expense of the company), inviting you to get acquainted with all the advantages of the proposed product/service. This strategy allows anyone interested to conduct a comparative analysis with the current offers of competitors. Also, using this method, you can link adds value to the offered product or service, and of course, use various combinations of such opportunities.

Retention efforts are usually given higher priority, as they bring greater returns and are more economical. Observations on this issue show that acquiring a new customer usually costs the company several times more than retaining the old one. In addition to supporting the high level of satisfaction of its existing customers, an entrepreneur can additionally implement, for example, the introduction of cumulative discount systems, preferential or extraordinary services, commissions for inviting his friends and acquaintances to purchase company products/services and other tangible and intangible benefits and advantages.

Thus, in the modern world of business, an entrepreneur is hunting for customers and not vice versa. Each successful entrepreneur knows his clients well, and thus, can extrapolate (apply) their behavioral attributes in the process of their independent search for new clients. It is also advisable to use specialized third-party search services. After identifying and finding new potential customers, an entrepreneur can attract them in various ways, initially offering them particularly favorable conditions that stimulate a deeper familiarization and comparative evaluation of the products or services of his company. Customer retention, being the most cost-effective practice, is carried out using both tangible and intangible benefits.

Final remarks

It is taken for granted that companies see their first priority in attracting new customers. To achieve this goal, they direct the strengths of their best employees and develop costly marketing plans.

As a result, already existing customers are deprived of attention, many of whom eventually go to competitors, which deprives the company of profit.

What are the benefits of targeting existing customers?

· Firstly, the sale of services and goods to existing customers does not require such marketing expenses as attracting new customers.
· Secondly, regular customers are not so sensitive to price increases and will not run to competitors for the sake of discounts.
· Thirdly, old customers are more likely to agree to try your other products and services.
· Fourth, establishing strong emotional relationships with customers will be beneficial to distinguish you from your competitors.

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