Role of automation in IDS Preparation services

How AI plays an important role in empowering the paralegals?

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) preparation is an important step to follow by the patent applicants that include the information related to the patentability of the invention. The IDS preparation and submission is an applicant’s duty to work in good faith with complete candour when applying for a patent. It is essential to file the IDS in USPTO to maintain the validity of the patent application. IDS Preparation Services help to streamline the process of IDS filing process by updating the information related to prior art and technology claimed in the patent.

IDS Preparation Services includes maintaining the list of all references related to all prior art whether published or granted (the US or non-US), scientific literature or publication or any other information related to the invention. The IDS is necessary to disclose the information that may question the invention claimed in the patent application that will likely reduce delays in the patent application process. The IDS Preparation services involve a complete process to fill and submit the IDS on time preferably before the first office action response to USPTO to avoid any additional fees.

Importance of Automation

With the automation in patent management it becomes easier for the applicant to file IDS on time disclosing all the relevant information related to the patent highlighting the USPTO or foreign patent references along with the non-patent literature documents. Automation and technology empower paralegals to manage various processes in the patent prosecution lifecycle, automate mundane tasks, manages IDS preparation and track deadlines with much more ease and efficiency. The AI and machine learning platforms help the paralegals to seamlessly manage the IDS preparation process through automated extraction of related references to the prior art, filing of IDS forms and its timely submission with elevated quality and reduced costs.

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