12 Useful Tips for Patients Preparing for Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Check Below -

1 )Search an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon
It is essential to consider the experience of a surgeon also his skills. Know about his training in the specific field and the success rate of his cases.

2 )Convince yourself by asking all your queries from the doctor
Ensure to the orthopedic surgeon all possible details about the surgical procedure for your case. Make a note of all details about what investigations are needed before the surgery, what to follow post-surgery, precautions if any or any possible complications.

3 )  Always go for a second opinion for much clarity
It is always useful to seek a second medical opinion as it helps in clarifying the patient’s all doubts and can confirm one surgeon for his/her case.

4) Plan your schedule
After TKR surgery, a patient needs to stay away from routine life for few weeks so it is advisable to schedule the surgery when you can take appropriate time off from your work.

5 )Know risks versus benefits of knee replacement surgery
Focus on the benefits as if the knee replacement surgery is done good, risks are minimal in comparison to the benefits.

6 )Stay positive for the results
We advise you to predict your life after the surgery; you will not have to stay back due to severe knee pain.

7)Check for any infection before surgery
If you are experiencing any sort of infection, make sure to cure it before surgery or else it can be a complication of joint surgery.

8 )Confirm if you need to discontinue any medications you are currently taking
Confirm with your orthopedic surgeon to discontinue any of your current medicine before going for surgery.

9 )You will be requiring assistive devices at home after surgery
You will require few assistive devices at home after getting discharged from hospital such as raised toilet seat, crutches, securing any lose carpets.  

10)Seek someone to help you after surgery at home
After surgery for a few weeks patient will be instructed to stay relaxed and cautiously. A patient must need someone to assist him/her for toileting etc. especially in the initial first week of surgery.

11)Arrange a Physiotherapist for aftercare
A patient is instructed to do physical therapy regularly after the surgery to improve the strength of muscles around knee joint, to enhance the range of motion and hence a better outcome of the surgery.

12)Follow the instructions properly
Ensure to follow the precautions to be taken at home, proper diet exercises for a better and a positive outcome.

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