Things You Should Know Before Planning for IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has helped many couples struggling with infertility and has gradually become one of the most common ART techniques. An IVF cycle is along the process involving medications, injections, retrieval of eggs, and their fertilization and then finally transfer of embryos to the uterus.
It is good to be prepared well before going for an IVF so to maximize chances of successful conception.

Few things you should be known prior to IVF: –
1. The IVF process is a time-consuming process
             IVF process is a time-consuming process that generally goes on for around 30-45 days. It starts with a course of medications followed by retrieval of eggs and finally completed with the transfer of embryos to the uterus. Along with being time-consuming, the IVF process is emotionally and physically demanding too. Few couples succeed in one cycle, while few couples need multiple cycles to conceive successfully.
2. Approach the appropriate fertility doctor
      It is important to consult the fertility doctor with a good success rate in IVF treatment. We advise you to prepare a list of your questions and clarify all with the doctor so that there are no confusions and surprises later.
3. IVF process as a whole is an expensive treatment
             Cost of IVF Treatment vary from case to case. One case can be simple and can be completed successfully in one cycle and on the other hand, another case can take multiple cycles to complete increasing the total cost for the treatment. Hence we suggest you be prepared with enough finances.
4. A couple needs to be healthy to maximize the chances of conception
            Since weight or hormonal imbalances contribute to infertility in both males and females so such health factors need to be worked upon prior to IVF treatment. We advise you to achieve ideal wellness through diet and exercises before starting IVF treatment. A fit and the healthy body respond successfully to the IVF treatment.
5. Live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle
Certain lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive stress, alcohol or a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on one’s fertility. It is good to build a healthy lifestyle including regular sound sleep, yoga, dietary modifications to achieve fitness.
6. Build a stronger bond with your partner
           Since IVF treatment as a whole is physically as well as emotionally demanding so it is very crucial to have a strong understanding with your partner. Support for each other would help you to have the whole experience throughout the process easier to handle.
Feel Free to Consult with Medical Treatment Centre for any IVF Problems.

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