Leukemia Treatment cost in India

About Leukemia disease and its treatment

There are different types of diseases that affect both men and women at any point of time in their lives and at any age. With wrong lifestyle being followed and poor nutritional habits combined with increased pollution and changing weather elements, people are prone to contracting some type of disease or the other. One of the most feared diseases that is dreaded by people is cancer, which affects almost all ages and even today’s modern advanced medical science still has not been able to come up with a complete cure for the same. Be it cancer or leukemia treatment cost in India is quite affordable.

What is leukemia?

It is considered to be a cancer type which affects blood cells. Basically, it is a cancer of the bone marrow or blood and is typified generally by unusual increase in white blood cell numbers in the body. Leukemia can be found of different types and have been categorized depending upon how soon the disease has been progressing and its becoming worse. Two major forms are present of this disease, namely chronic and acute leukemia.

Acute type is actually white cells increasing at a rapid pace, thus, preventing the generation of healthy blood cells by the bone marrow. In this type of disease, the patient is required to avail immediate treatment because of increase and collection of malignant cells. Such sick cells tend to flow over within the bloodstream, thereby extending to the other parts of the body, but internally. It is found commonly among children.

Chronic type is actually accumulation of mature abnormal white cells which might take several months and even years for full development. But such white cells tend to generate much faster when compared to the normal cells. Hence eventually, they are found in excess in blood. Acute form of such illness means there will be necessary immediate treatment. Often, chronic cases get monitored for some time prior to administering treatment to ensure that the best results are derived from the treatment.

Availing treatment

Patients suffering from leukemia are to be treated only in the best medical centers that boast of having the necessary modern and sophisticated equipment specialized for treating cancer patients. But the treatment to be provided will depend mainly upon the patient’s age, disease, health conditions, etc. Treatments, by and large have been divided into two, namely, treatment to provide relief to the patient from symptoms and to combat the disease and relief from side effects, if faced with. The most widely and commonly accepted treatment for this type of ailment is considered to be chemotherapy. It is use of powerful drugs designed to destroy malignant cells.

But the exact cause for this disease to take place is not known. A common belief is that smoking is one such factor combined with exposure to chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene for a long time, as well as extended exposure towards radiation. Fortunately, those suffering from this disease can take respite, since Leukemia Treatment cost in India is affordable, thus providing them with a second lease of life.

What are the initial signs of leukemia?

Leukemia symptoms can be quite subtle during the initial stages. It might include unexplained fever, fatigue, headaches, abnormal bruising, excessive bleeding like frequent nosebleeds, frequent infections, unintentional weight loss, etc.

How leukemia develops?

It occurs when abnormal blood cells are created in the bone marrow. These are generally white blood cells that do not function like it should normally do. Such abnormal cells tend to survive much longer, develop in huge numbers and then enter into the bloodstream.

How to know if affected by leukemia?

If the person shows symptoms or signs of leukemia, then he/she is advised to undergo several diagnostic exams including physical exams. The doctor would search for physical signs like swelling of the lymph nodes, pale skin due to anemia and enlargement of spleen and liver. Blood tests conducted can identify the issue.

Can adults be cured of leukemia?

Even though AML is considered to be a serious type of disease, it is very much curable and treatable using chemotherapy, without or with stem cell or bone marrow transplant. But chronic leukemia might go undetected and develops quite slowly. Symptoms to take place might take several years.

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