Learn About these Facts Related to Heart Problem in India

Due to the completely overwhelmed urbanization and completely transformed daily routine, the most effect is on the heart and due to this, heart problems are beginning to occur at an early age. If you think that the body is getting comfort by working in the office, then you are wrong. It has a bad effect on your heart. The number of heart patients in India is increasing in the number of young people like India. Best Cardiologist in Delhi tell you about some shocking facts related to the heart's problem.

Heart patients in India highest

It is not known whether or not Indian flags are being thrown in the heart, but in the case of heart-related diseases Indians have left behind the entire world. Most heart patients in India are in the whole world. According to a survey conducted by the Registrar General of India and Indian Council of Medical Research released this year, 60% of the world's heart patients are in India. In India, 25% of the people aged 25 to 69 have died from heart attack.

70% of urban Indians are at risk of heart disease

According to a new study, the dangers of heart-related diseases are increasing year after year due to the work of living in the work-office, ie 9 to 12 hours in office. This study has been done in over 12 cities of India, according to which people living between nine to twelve hours sitting in high-fi urban office in urban life have increased the risk of heart disease caused by heart. 70 percent of urban residents are suffering from heart disease.

Heart sick even at an early age

If you say to a young person today, how much is your life, how much is busy and happy, then the cubs of that youth will become full of flowers. But the youngster did not know that his Happy Life lifestyle is unappealing his heart. Busy Life means sleeping four to five hours a day, often eating junk food account with excessive cholesterol and trans fat and eating alcohol and cigarette consumption to stay stress free, heart will get sick. In the last 10 years, the number of heart attacks in people below 40 years has increased from 25 percent to 30 to 40 percent.

Increased risk of diabetes and hypertension 

Diabetes and hypertension disease increases the risk of heart-related diseases in patients with heart. In India 50.8 million people suffer from diabetes, which is the highest in the world according to the International Diabetes Federation. In the city it is 6-8% of people, whereas in rural life only 2-3% people suffer from this disease.

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