How to Plan A Corporate Party with a Difference

Corporate parties are usually considered to be drab and boring. More so, with the same kind of venues being picked each time for a usual dance and dinner get together, which has now stopped appealing to everyone. We know planning a corporate party is a daunting task, however some out-of-the-box thinking can ensure that your next corporate party place in Gurgaon is something that everyone falls in love with.

So, lets try and infuse some fun spirit into your corporate event and make it an affair to be remembered. Firstly, choosing the right venue is that one step that makes the biggest difference to your event. That’s why we’d recommend a place like Karma Lakelands, which is one of the best corporate party places in Gurgaon. This 300-acre eco-friendly golf resort is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, set amidst nature’s bounty. With beautiful greens all around, you are provided with the perfect setting and backdrop for a corporate party that will be extraordinary. When here, choose from the various party venue options available, both indoor and outdoor, according to your taste and plan. Apart from corporate parties, the place has the wherewithal to conduct some of the best corporate offsites for your group, and is the best destination wedding resort near Delhi

Add a new dimension to your get together by giving it an altruistic spin! Encourage your employees to partake in the resort’s various eco-friendly initiatives that have been devised by the resort’s owners as a promise towards a better planet. From their sewage treatment plant that treats all waste not just from their resort but from their neighbouring defence campus as well, to their organic farm which provides the fresh produce used in their restaurant’s kitchen. You will find this place to be full of causes which you can own and practise in real life too.

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