Brain Tumor: 5 Signs You Should Know

Over the course of an individual’s life, there is less than 1% of chance a person develops a malignant brain tumor.

Despite the fact that several tumors are common among women, brain tumor discriminates on the basis of gender. One out of 143 men is prone to develop such lethal disease, while one out of 185 women is vulnerable to get hit by this tumor. 

What is Brain Tumor? What are its types?

Depending on the shape and size, brain tumors primarily develop from the numerous cells that structure brain and central nervous system. These kind of tumors are malignant tumors.

On the other hand, when a tumor forms in another organ of the body and starts heading towards the brain, they are benign tumors. Another non-cancerous type of tumor is Meningioma which occurs from the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

“The symptoms totally depend on the location.”, stated by one of the best brain tumor doctors in India. For example, if a tumor arises near the area of the brain that functions your arms or eyesight, then you may experience a weakened limb or blurred vision.

Nevertheless, some signs and symptoms are quite common and they are:

1. Development of Seizures: The development seizures, fits or epileptic seizures can happen to any person with or without any medical history is a basic sign of a tumor. Nearly one-third of patients are reported with seizures before diagnosed with a tumor. It leads to the occurrence of abnormal movements in the body. It develops from irritation caused by the tumor that urges the neurons to respond uncontrollably. 

2. Mild Cognitive Impairment: When your brain’s processing speed, concentration, execution, vision, perception and communication skills start getting affecting, then it is high time to consult a doctor. In such situations, it takes longer than usual to perform even basic tasks. 

3. Frequent, Unusual Headaches: In this case, headaches are not as normal as they are. Persistency, treatments are not effective such over-the-counter medication, high level of severity in the morning followed by nausea, double or blurred vision, numbness or weakness are some of the common signs.

4. Hearing or Speech Problems: When a tumor affects a particular part, then you may experience speech or hearing problems. When certain parts of the cerebrum, cerebellum, temporal lobe or parietal lobe are affected, then you may face speech, reading or writing difficulties. When a tumor arises near the cranial nerves or temporal lobe, then you generate hearing problems. On the other hand, if the tumor occurs in the pituitary gland, optic nerve, occipital lobe or temporal lobe, then visionary problems are the basic signs. If you experience balance issues or facial numbness, then the chances are higher near the base of the brain. 

5. Personality Changes: Any kind of disorder brings a noticeable change in one’s personality which is quite common in brain tumor. It causes certain personality changes such as aggression, loss of shyness, mood swings, confusion or anxiety.


From no symptoms to the above-mentioned symptoms, it is important to detect the tumor at its earliest. Likewise, other diseases, earlier diagnosis as well as timely treatment can bring positive outcomes and let a person live a tumor-free life.

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