Not long ago, two people – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus - introduced the world to The Minimalists and their minimalism, a concept the duo formed and followed after leaving the corporate world at the peak of their career. Soon after adopting Minimalism, Joshua discarded his giant wardrobe in favour of a small one with only a couple of shirts in the same style but different colours, among other items. What The Minimalists teach us about style is that you can look your brilliant self despite exercising simplicity. While we are not pointing at discarding your wardrobe but we certainly can’t avoid suggesting how a few pieces of clothing, which you can randomly pick and wear, can make you feel comfortable and your most confident self. One of those items is a personalised hoodie.

So, what is a personalised hoodie?

A personalised hoodie is the kind of hoodie that you can design on your own and create to fit your requirements. Manufacturers like Zapkam offer a free online 3D Kit Designer to help you create your own hoodie. With this 3D Kit Designer, you can add colours, names, initials, logos, etc. to your chosen style.

Why you should have a personalised hoodie?

There is not one but five reasons why a personalised hoodie would be a wonderful add-on to your wardrobe. Here are the reasons why.

       1)  You get to be your own designer. There are many of us who want things our way, and who would want to be, as far as possible, the single owner of a particular thing. By creating your own hoodie, you would be doing just that. You would be creating something that would be your own and no one else’s. By ordering a personalised hoodie you would actually be getting yourself a hoodie that is owned by you and none other.

  2)  You can add your own elements to it. How about a hoodie with your name on it? Or a particular person’s name; or a quote; or a number; or a logo; or a whatever it is that you fancy? You can play with a number of elements to create a custom printed hoodie that matches your personality.

 3) You can finally have a hoodie in your favourite colour. How many times have you scouted the mall looking for a hoodie in a specific colour or colours? Too many times, you would say. With a free online 3D Kit Designer, you can create your own hoodie in any colour under the sky and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Isn’t that cool!

  4)    You can repeat your orders. The best thing about getting yourself a personalised hoodie from Zapkam is that you can repeat your orders even after years of first purchase because it never discontinues a design.

  5)    You can design as many hoodies as you want. Because 3D Kit Designer is free to use online, you can play with as many styles and colour combinations as you want before arriving at the one/s that is/are perfect for you.

There are more reasons than we can name why you should make your own hoodie. It simply is the best thing if you come to think about it. We mean, there is artistic freedom. Then there is the idea of wearing your personality on your sleeves. And there are plenty more that you will explore on the go. 
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