Finding the Best Taobao Agents for Shipping and Shopping

The habits are changing, the cultures are merging, the mass psychology is overlapping, and the digital communication is trending. The online shopping has become a trend these days. The traditional marketplace transactions are slowly drying up. And the Chinese products are capturing the global market for their affordability.
Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant has created a site Taobao that aims to promote small business houses in China. And the site with more than 7 million merchants is promising to bring a seismic shift in the way online shopping has been carried out till now. And it is somehow becoming successful in achieving its objective.

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However, you need to get a little more organized if you want to get products from China and finding a Taobao agent is the first step in carrying out a seamless transaction, should you look for Taobao agent Malaysia, here is what you need to consider before getting one. But before we dig deep, let’s find out the reasons for hiring an agent.
1.     Most of the sites on the Taobao are written in the Chinese language, and so much so that the merchants do not even speak any foreign language, which means, if you do not know the language then getting the right products can be difficult since language impedes the communication. But an agent can help in communicating with merchant making the process relatively easier.

2.     Not all the sites are genuine, although the Taobao app with 400 million users promises to be authentic, the chances of fraudulent and fictitious merchants are also rising in the wake up its instant success; therefore, working with an agent could help you in avoiding unnecessary problems.

3.     A lot of merchants will not ship the products out of China, and if you want to get the products out of your country, then an agent can help you with finding the freight forwarder to warehousing, shipping, and door trucking.

4.     Sometimes the agents will also help in packaging goods. If you are shipping fragile and sophisticated goods like China Bowl or materials made out of glass, you might need careful shipping process, a Taobao agent will be able to give you better service, and they also handle the customs clearance too.

5.     The merchants on the sites do not accept the all popular mode of payment since they do not trust anything other than the Alipay, but with an agent, you can convince them to receive PayPal, MoneyGram or Western Union wire transfers.
In a nutshell, hiring a Taobao agent will ease your stress, but finding the best Taobao agent Malaysia is the key to success. Let’s find out the ways of evaluating an agency and its credibility so that you can make the right choice.
1.     Make sure that you hire an agency that has more than three years of experience in dealing with shipping and shopping with Taobao, the agency should have a website with relevant information and the website should be in English. Well, you can always rely on Google translator, but an agency with English proficiency shows their credibility in handling global transactions.

2.     You have to find the agency that charges you a less amount because the agencies with less-service charges are more likely to be experienced. And each agency has its own service fee, since the industry is not organized, you have to decide carefully.

3.     The agency must have a customer service team that works 24 X 7; you must avoid the agencies that do not have full time customer support team. In addition, the agency must provide service in English. Most of the agencies only have Chinese speaking customer support team that could only complicate things further if you happen to be located outside China.

4.     You must also speak about the payment methodologies and how the agency wants to get paid. While some prefer to get paid via PayPal, quite a few will ask Western Union money transfer. It is advisable to clarify the payment methods beforehand.

5.     You also need to get an agency that has a clear-cut return policy in place because most of the times the products get either damaged during shipping or wrong products get onboard mistakenly. Hence, an agency with proper return policy can solve these kinds of problems easily.

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It is not difficult to locate a cheapest Taobao agent Malaysia but you need to do the groundwork properly; first, carry out a thorough online research, check out the websites, find out relevant information regarding the Taobao shipping and shopping process. You should also speak with their customer support department to verify their credentials.

Finally, if you can find a competitive agency, then you are likely to experience a seamless and smooth shopping and shipping process. So, choose wisely, and get the cheaper products out of China with ease and comfort.
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