Contract Carpets for Business and Shipping Industry

Whatever the place it is everyone would like to give a special attractive look to the flooring. Perhaps an ideal way is to use contract carpets as there are wide enough of collections available. The carpets can be simply used in order to bring striking design in the interior space. Moreover, the contract carpet with unique color specifications and logos will definitely attract everyone. The different range of business, as well as shipping industry carpets, are engineered in order to provide durability along with hard-wearing so that it will be capable of standing public areas. Apart from that, the carpets should also withstand several industrial cleaning processes.

Different materials

Here are some materials with which the contract carpets are manufactured.


These types of carpets are often manufactured by using tufting machine. The color pattern may also vary depending on the design for industrial use non colored carpets are the most preferred choice.

Cut and loop piles

It is the combination of both the cut as well as looped fibers. Even though they process medium durability they are often employed in business sectors. With the use of these carpets, it is very easy to hide dirt and footprints which is also available in different color formats.

Needle Felt

These types of carpets are fully technologically advanced. Needle Felt carpets made out of fiber which is one of the best material that often has high durability. These carpets can be accommodated in high traffic businesses.


Woven is not quite suitable material for contrast perfect, but it is employed in few industrial and business needs. This is manufactured on a loom which is same as that of woven cloth and there are different colors and Designs available in a woven carpet.

Benefits of using contrast carpets

  • The price of the contract carpets is reasonable depending on the design and the color variations.
  • The cleaning process is quite easy which has become one of the biggest reasons for its use in business and industrial sectors.
  • Even the life of the contract carpets is very high and provides high durability.
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