All You Need to Know About Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a healing technique which gets its name from the Sanskrit word- Yuj, which means “to unite”. As the word indicates, yoga is the practice of uniting the mind and the body into one. It tries to also unite each every individual in the universe with one another, trying to bring in peace and harmony. It also tries to connect Man with Nature. Hence, Yoga is a collective effort of unifying of a man with self, with others and with the universe.

The emphasis of Yoga:

The main aspect that one can determine from the practice of Yoga is the ability to control. Control is practice using the power of concentration, meditation and quietness. Yoga is the process in which one tries to reach the best of their potentials. It is also the path to self- actualization, wherein the person attains Moksha or Mukti.  Yoga does have a rich history and for those who would like to experience this must explore the various opportunities which the technique of Yoga has to offer. There is a 100 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh for those individuals who enjoy more than just practising and would love to spread the positivity of Yoga to others, through the method teaching

Importance of Yoga

The practice of Yoga has been beneficial since time immemorial. Yoga is practised for various reasons. It improves body awareness, concentration and attention skills, postures, movements as well helps in mental well-being. It not just helps in staying fit physically as well as emotionally. The breath work and exercises calm your mind and help you relax throughout the day. It helps create balance in your everyday life and minimises stress and tension.

Styles of Yoga

There are many forms of yoga depending on ritual, tradition, and devotion to the individuals that created these different styles. Yoga combines the method of Pranayama, meditation, and Asanas.  Different styles of yoga include Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, etc. depending on the poses, breath work and other minute criteria that differentiate these styles from one and other.

History of Yoga

It is said that Yoga has been practised since time immemorial. Lord Shiva is known as the lord of Yoga, according to Hindu mythology.  Yoga and its methods are even mentioned in the Vedas.  
Buddhism is the first religion that made the Yoga practice more common. By the 5th century, many schools and types of yoga emerged and since then it has only taken shape and form extensively across India and over the years, it has gained extreme popularity in the west. Many foreigners from abroad come to India and attend classes like the 100 hour yoga teacher training Centre in rishikesh to gain insight and learn the art of Yoga.

Today, Yoga has become a mainstream practice all over the world and is also considered as one the best alternative healing technique for problems such as depression, anxiety, pain, physical deformities, amongst many others. It helps one to attain better control of body and mind and helps you relax and distress when practised every day. 
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