Handmade Vs Machine Made Carpets Manufacturer & Supplier

Carpets will add a magnifying look whenever and can be a focal point wherever they are placed. There are thousands of carpet styles and designs with different colors to choose from. The ultimate choice will reflect the personality when it is placed in the living space. Before purchasing a Custom Made Carpets one has to determine the difference existing between handmade carpet as well as machine-made carpet. Everyone is not known about the carpets, therefore, it may be difficult to identify the best one they prefer. Therefore, it is important to understand and examine the difference between handmade and machine-made carpets.

Handmade carpets

Handmade carpets are unique as they are manufactured or woven into the different type of loom that is commonly known as handloom. As its name specifies the operation is done by hands. And it does not require electricity or any technique while manufacturing them. The manufacturing process is started by arranging the looms which depend upon the size of the carpet. There are basically three types of handmade carpets available in the market.

Hand-knotted carpets: In this, the weaving process is started from the bottom to the top and is very much fascinating. And the size of the loom completely depends upon the complete size of the carpet. In this process, the weavers will create a lot of the looms thereby tying the knot with the hand and is called as the pile. Depending on the design, size, pattern and the color of the carpet, it may take more than one month. It may even require more time in case of special Custom Designed Carpets that are woven by them. And they can be as per the desired of the customers.

Hand-knotted rug: This is also a handmade carpet, but uses a different technique and procedure to weave it. Hand-knotted rugs require a special drilling gun that makes the process easy. The pile is inserted into the cotton material by using the drilling the guns thereby creating a carpet. This method requires less time compared with hand-knotted carpets.

Flat Woven Durries: This process does not require any files to weave the carpet. Cotton, wool, and jute are the most preferred materials of flat woven durries. The carpets have longevity due to which they are mostly preferred.

Machine made carpet

The machine made carpets are completely different from handmade carpets. The power looms manufacture the machine made carpets by using heavy machinery. The process is controlled by the computers due to which it has fast productivity rate. The cost of machine-made carpets are also very reasonable and Custom Hand Tufted Carpets can be chosen depending upon the pattern, design, color and so on.

Machine-made carpets are tufted, woven, knitted, flocked or needle-punched. The manufacturing process includes,

  • Preparation of yarn
  • Dyeing the yarn 
  • Carpet tufting 
  • Dyeing the tufted carpet 
  • Finishing the carpet 

Finally, produced carpet can last for many years and are most commonly made out of wool, nylon, polyester, and acrylic at the low price.
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