5 Styles Of Punjabi Suits That Are Evergreen

Punjabi suits a full of colours, brightness and a lot of styles. They can be worn for different occasions and grand events as well. Punjabi suits have been a popular choice for weddings, engagements, Sangeet and other Indian ceremonies. They are also preferred for family functions and festivals. They give a gorgeous look as well as the ethnic and traditional Indian touch. Indian women love to dress up in Punjabi suit and they look amazing in them.

There are different types of Punjabi suits which you can choose from according to your style and occasion. Patiala suits, Sharara suits, Punjabi ghagra suits and others are different types of Punjabi suits to try out. Today, we will take a look at 5 popular Punjabi suit styles that you ought to try out.

You can buy different types of Punjabi suits like Patiala salwar suit and other from online portals. Punjabi suits are also famous among celebrities and designers as well. Punjabi suits can range from simple to heavily embellished types and can come in different fabrics and designs.

Here are 5 amazing Punjabi suits that are evergreen styles and too gorgeous to miss.

Patiala Salwar suit: This is probably the most popular style among Punjabi suits. Patiala suits are very comfortable to wear and can range from simple to gorgeous kinds. Youngsters love to wear Patiala salwar suits as both a formal college attire and also for social occasions. 

Ghagra Salwar suit: Here the salwar is generally replaced by a long skirt or lehenga. The kameez is generally long but can be of varying lengths as well. Ghagras with a lot of pleats looks good with shorter kurtas. This is also a popular trend among celebrities.

Dhoti Salwar suit: Dhoti style is very trendy and quirky. This is inspired by the Patiala style but unlike patialas, the pleats do not gather at one place, rather goes straight up one by one. This is definitely a style to try out if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Frock Salwar suit: Frock style suits look good on youngsters. Here the kameez is replaced with one like a frock style. You can wear it with either Patiala or dhoti style salwar. It looks more like a Gujarati style top where the pleats or frills start from the abdominal line. 

Palazzo Salwar suit: Palazzos are very popular these days and Punjabi suits look amazing with palazzos. Contrasting colours or embroidered palazzos can really stand out and enhance your overall look. Palazzo salwar suit looks amazing when worn with high heels.

Apart from these, sharara style suits and salwar suits with jackets are popular styles in Punjabi suits. You can get amazing Punjabi suits of different price ranges online at affordable prices. Punjabi suits can be worn for different occasions so you might want to keep one of each style handy.

Get ready to look your best in Punjabi suits wherever you go! 

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